Our Roadmap

At SecurityComm, we are committed to advancing the field of AI-focused Security Solutions and Services through innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology. Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and initiatives that will shape the future of our platform.

Phase 1: Foundation

  • Smart Contract Development: We create a smart contract on for time-stamping results.
  • Security Explorer: A user-friendly explorer for accessing test results and timestamps.
  • Penetration Testing Tool Integration: Compatibility with various tools to make our platform versatile.

Phase 2: Intelligence and Security

  • AI Honeypot Development: Our AI-based honeypot system,, enhances threat detection.
  • Attacker and Defender Code Auditor: An intelligent code auditor with a decision engine identifies and mitigates security threats.
  • Security Implementation: We implement security measures including encryption, secure communication, and regular audits.
  • Chain Scalability: Our system is optimized to handle a large number of penetration tests efficiently.

Phase 3: Refinement and User Experience

  • Documentation and User Guides: Comprehensive guides for a seamless user experience.
  • Code Review: Thorough code review to ensure quality and security.
  • Security Audits: Regular audits to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Phase 4: Integration and Collaboration

  • SecurityChain Integration: Seamless integration with SecurityChain, allowing timestamping and verification.
  • SecurityChain Explorer: A user-friendly explorer for easy access and verification.
  • Auditor Integration: Integration of the Auditor project for code audits.

Phase 5: Future Enhancements

  • Continuous improvement and expansion of our services.
  • Strengthening our commitment to the security community.

Our roadmap reflects our dedication to delivering cutting-edge security solutions and services. We empower our users to make informed decisions, collaborate with experts, and build ventures for shared success.

Stay tuned as we work diligently to make the future of security safer and more innovative.

For inquiries or more information about our roadmap initiatives, please contact us.